Edit: This is also going to be a live post and a work-in-progress, updated whenever I run into / remember things I find strange about the python programming language.

Although I consider myself an expert at the python programming language, I wasn’t one of those people who started writing code while still in the crib. In fact, I started programming while in university. I was taught the C programming language to start. Thinking back, the best analogy I can come up with is one about ‘being thrown in the deep end of the pool’.

Learning Python changed all that. I taught myself Python after I graduated college. Python was a revelation. Coding programs became a breeze, there is a distinct lack of boilerplate code, with the finished product reading like pseudocode. Easy to debug, with a rich suite of libraries that make you feel like you have superpowers. Nowadays I automate large parts of my life by writing neat little scripts. I scrape webpages with urllib and requests, rename and rearrange files with shutil and os.

Now, after many years of programming, I find some things strange with the language. What follows is a list of those stranger things.


1. The Strange Case of the Hanging Comma

Here’s how you define a tuple in python, by wrapping stuff in round brackets () . Let’s call the tuple t

>>> t = (1,2,3)
>>> print(f"t = {t}; Type of t = {type(t)}") 

# t = 1; Type of t = <class 'int'>

Let’s put a single number inside the brackets to make a tuple

>>> t = (1)
>>> print(f"t = {t}; Type of t = {type(t)}") 

# t = 1; Type of t = <class 'int'>

Huh.? Now t is an int, instead of a tuple.

Let’s add a hanging comma after the single number

>>> t = (1,)
>>> print(f"t = {t}; Type of t = {type(t)}") 

# t = 1; Type of t = <class 'tuple'>

So, adding a comma after the single number changes it back into a tuple. Strange.

Edit: For a more polished list of strange python, check this out